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Stuffed Okra Curry

best served with cooked rice or naan

This quick okra recipe is incredibly healthy and delicious. Pro tip: When picking the perfect Okra at the market, make sure you can "snap" the tip of the okra with your thumb.


• 1 pound of fresh okra, slit open down the middle

• 4 tbsp. of cooking oil (your choice)

• 4 tablespoon Momma T's Original Masala

• Salt

HARDWARE: Oven (Preset to 350 degrees), Baking Sheet/Tray, Small Spoon, Paring Knife


[1] Wash then slit open each okra longitudinally so that it forms a pocket using a small knife. Careful not to all the way through so it can cradle the filling.

[2] Take a bit of Momma T’s Original Masala with a small spoon and fill each okra by slightly by holding the "pocket" open.

[3] Uniformly arrange all filled okra on the baking sheet or a tray.

[4] Add a pinch of salt on top of each filled okra.

[5] Drizzle the 4 tbsp of oil evenly over okra.

[6] Place okra in oven and roast for 20 mins total. Turn okra every 6-7 minutes to ensure an even cook.

[7] Serve with cooked rice or with naan.

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